What is OneWater Nevada?

OneWater Nevada OneWater Nevada is a collaboration between regional agencies, exploring a comprehensive approach to extending the resiliency and sustainability of local water resources for future generations. This approach takes into account the interconnected nature of water systems and seeks to balance our community’s needs with the protection and preservation of natural resources. Through this effort, OneWater Nevada seeks to identify, understand, and implement water practices, such as:

  • Exploring ways to both conserve and extend the use of existing water resources
  • Considering long term water-resource and water-quality management issues
  • Helping protect the environmental integrity of our watersheds
  • Developing technologies and practices that sustain our quality of life

OneWater Nevada’s primary goal is to ensure there is enough water available to meet the needs of all users while protecting, and even improving, the region’s water quality and environmental integrity. This involves careful monitoring of water supplies, assessing future water demands, and developing strategies to meet those demands while minimizing the impact on the natural environment.

A current step in this effort is to evaluate the potential for improving efficiency, drought flexibility, and diversification of the region’s water supply by using Nevada’s category A+ “Advanced Purified Water.” OneWater Nevada’s research indicates Advanced Purified Water represents an opportunity to create an entirely new water resource.

Latest News:
$30 Million Federal Grant for Advanced Purified Water Facility

Construction expected to begin in 2025

Introducing OneWater Nevada’s Advanced Purified Water Facility at American Flat

In Northern Nevada we’ve always taken the long view when it comes to managing our water resources. From building infrastructure to operating our reservoirs, to replenishing aquifers; we’ve always worked to stay ahead of the needs of a vibrant community facing the challenges of growth, drought, and climate change.

Conceptual Architectural Rendering
Conceptual Architectural Rendering

Today we are fortunate to have the water resources needed to provide for our neighborhoods and businesses—even in drought years. But, as we have always done in the past, we are looking forward and planning for the coming decades.

The Advanced Purified Water Facility at American Flat is one example of this forward view. The result of a regional collaboration known as OneWater Nevada, the Advanced Purified Water Facility will apply state-of-the-art water purification processes and provide the region with the potential for over two million gallons of high-quality drinking water daily.

“We knew we were missing an opportunity by simply treating the water we use in homes and businesses and discharging it into Swan Lake," said Lydia Teel, Emerging Water Resources Administrator at Truckee Meadows Water Authority. "Stunning advances in water recycling have been made around the country, allowing hundreds of millions of gallons of extremely-high-quality drinking water to be produced and delivered every day. The proven technologies were there; we just had to find a way to make it work here. With OneWater Nevada, we’ve taken these advanced technologies and adapted them to meet the needs of our high desert region.”

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