OneWater Nevada — Looking Toward Our Water Future

OneWater Nevada, a unique feasibility study, is a joint effort whose goal is to evaluate and determine if advanced purified water can provide long-term benefits for our region’s water future.

As a result, OneWater Nevada is developing multiple field scale advanced water treatment demonstration projects. Several sites have been chosen for innovative research and exploration based on their geographic location and hydrogeologic characteristics.

The Study will be guided by a panel of international water quality experts who will offer feedback and guidance on the study’s goal and approaches. The Governor’s Drought Forum recommended advanced purified water treatment investigations to augment existing water supplies and improve drought response efforts.

About OneWater Nevada
These demonstration projects offer opportunities to:

    • Safely evaluate the feasibility of augmenting drinking water supplies with advanced purified water
    • Engage the public and provide hands-on tours
  • Operate, monitor and conduct data analysis at a small scale
  • Test and validate treatment technologies

Partnering Agencies: