Washoe Valley

How the Project Benefits the Area

Advanced purified water is a local, reliable, drought-proof water source which provides vital benefits:

Safe, reliable water supply
Advanced purified water uses proven technology that cleans water to a level that meets, or is better than, state & federal drinking water standards.

Sustainable water supply option
Advanced purified water could help diversify the region’s water portfolio by adding an option that is both sustainable and energy-efficient.

Environmental benefits
Advanced purified water could reduce reliance on the Truckee River, leaving more water in the river for aquatic life and recreation.

Drought-proof water supply
Having a safe, sustainable water supply ensures water is available even during periods of drought.

Independent of weather variability
Advanced purified water may enhance the region’s water supply resiliency to help address future uncertainties of climate change, such as longer growing seasons, snowpack changes and runoff timing.

Advanced Purified Water Treament Process