An Innovation and Education Center

This Center, a collaboration between the University of Nevada, Reno and local agencies, is planned to be located within the new Advanced Purified Water Facility. Through real-time research, students will explore how to improve water-resource sustainability and this effort will contribute to training tomorrow’s workforce in innovative water purification technologies.

The University of Nevada, Reno’s OneWater Center

Project Benefits

The Center could potentially support programs for water-use optimization linked to economic growth and environmental protection – helping to create a link between the water research and water technology sectors. Furthermore, the Center would provide leadership in meeting water demand while improving the socio-ecological resilience of water sources. A key desired outcome is to develop the technical workforce needed to address water sector opportunities and attract industry to the region. Advances made by the Center would be scalable to other watersheds in the west and throughout the country.

Education Center

This facility will also be used to welcome visitors and show them how treated water is further purified. They will see firsthand and learn about the advanced water treatment steps used at this unique facility.